It is time to take your power back! You have everything within you already to go where you need to go.

Trust your instincts and your path will unfold as you continue back towards your authentic self. No book, course, webinar, workshop, mediation, TED talk or knowledge gained is ever going to assist you until you start to apply everything into your life.

Take yourself back into nature and recharge. Dance, cry, grieve, laugh and expand into yourself.

Remember you are a divine being and your physical body is just a vehicle. You have done this many times before, it is just another book to add to your Akashic records. Choose your own adventure and do not let your circumstances define you.

There is a world of possibilities out there.

Michelle Potter intuitive artist, paintings in Melbourne, a world of possibilities

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Prints and Merchandise
All Goddess images have been uploaded on my RedBubble account and will be available for purchase as prints and merchandise anytime during the year.

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