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Welcome to my website. My name is Michelle Potter and I am a Visionary Artist.

This website is dedicated to my Spirit Guide Drawings.

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What is a Spirit Guide?

I like to think of our Spirit Guides as Personal Trainers. They help protect, motivate, inspire, guide and direct us, but not do the work for us. Spirit Guides will come and go throughout your lifetime and how many surround you at any given time, will depend on what you are going through and how often you call upon them to help you.

We all make decisions on a daily basis and will come to crossroads during certain times in our life. That is when we can ask our spirit guides for help. Spirit Guides can be anything from common people to star beings. Healers who have walked many lifetimes on this planet, ascended masters, angels, power animals and the list goes on. It is my gift to work out how to best represent the images I am channeled, interpret the symbology and give you a visual picture to draw from and meditate with.

I only work with guides from the 'light'. They are here solely to serve you and work only for your highest good. I do not tell your fortune and I cannot predict the future. Many people seek counsel for advice, direction and guidance and I give you a different perspective on your life. I may bring things into your conscious mind you have not been aware of. I may confirm something you already knew but maybe hadn’t set the wheels in motion, or you simply might get confirmation you’re on the right track.

My gift is to give you a visual of one of the many spirit guides working with you on a daily basis. Just as we might ask a friend for support or advice, your Spirit Guides are waiting in the wings to do the same. We all still have freedom of choice and you can ignore a friend’s advice just as much as you can ignore a Spirit Guides help. It is all about making you more self aware. The more open you are, the more aware of yourself you will become.

Spirit Guide Drawing, Spirit Art

My Spirit Guide Art will give you a visual connection with Spirit as well as allowing you to open up to the beautiful energies surrounding you. Your future has infinite possibilities and I feel very grateful I have the gift to connect you with those who can help you stay off the karma wheel and on your true pathway.

Call on your Spirit Guides to help you, they are just waiting to be asked.

Michelle Lykokapis (Artists Name: Michelle Potter)